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Creative learning through movement 



Fouder and Director  Lab mouvement

Profession: Teacher

Passion: Obstacle course runner/yogi/crossfiter

Sales, marketing and developpement

Team work:  Laurent, Hubert and Emilie

Team Lab: Kinegiologist and crossfit coach


Our family has always been very involved in sports and we attach a great importance to healthy lifestyle. We have always wanted to give the best to our childrens and this is where the idea of ​​LAB was created.

Try and test new products as a family and then improve them in order to offer our childrens the best possible experience in terms of fun and training, that is our goal ! We hope you will like our products which required hours of family meetings, laught and endless discussions in order to find the best options suited to our little ones and our oldest.

We wish your family will have as much fun as we had and let us know please, if there is something that is not working with your new Ninja Warrior obstacle course... Our family will work for your entirely satisfaction!


Laurent, Hubert, Émilie and Maxime.



Rated 5 out 5 based on 65 customers who tested our Ninja obstacles course for kids

Workout Facility

Ninja Warrior Obstacle

Course for Kids (50ft)


Organize an outdoor activity for the whole family with our Ninja Slackline! This installation is hung between two trees or posts in your garden or in a park. Perfect for schools, climbing center, nurseries and backyards.


Your ninja kids will be able to try and get through this obstacle course as quickly as possible. This american ninja warrior obstacles included are : 50 ft ninja Slackline for kids, 2Pcs Monkey ninja bars, 2Pcs reel gymnastic kids gym rings, 2Pcs ninja warrior monkey Bar holds, 1Pc ninja kids wheel, 1Pc ninja backyard swing, 1Pc ninja kit Net, 2Pc kids gym triangle rings, 2Pcs workout equipment indoor straps

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Slackline pulley for Ninja Warrior Obstacle course 


Rated 5 out 5 based on 35 customers who tested our Ninja obstacles course for kids

By professionnal Ninja warrior for little ninja !

Crossfiters and OCR conception


We have tested and  modyfied in family so much product of competitors and new products  in gym and schools to finally have this Ninja lab borned. Perfect for all levels because the way you choose to install the obstacles, easier or harder will be the challenge for kids and adults.


For gym, schools and backyard

It's always in details that makes a product better than an other. The size of the grip, the lenght of straps, the quality of material and the general coherence of the challenge.


Best bodyweight workout


Approuved by kinesiologist and professional runner

This is the perfect funniest training! Core, legs, arms, back are sollicitated to keep the core straight to achieve the last obstacle.

Training with bodyweight movements is the best way to improve coordination, range of motion,cardio and muscle growth.


Why Ninja warrior obstacle course for kids is different ?

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We replaced all competitors toy rings

by professional ninja warrior rings for better learning and healthy hands.


Our fun learning approch let your ninja kids watch the ninja skills videos serie and improve the coprehension and practice of basic ninja's movements  (used in all sports.)

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Approuved by our team of kinegiologists and crossfiters coach, this ninja  slackline kit is the best way to have fun and improve mobility, range of motion and strenght.


We use large 50 feet ninja slackline for the best reaction with weight. Perfect also for practicing only slackline balance without obstacle.

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Get your training everywhere with this ninja workout hanging kit for indoor / outdoor use. Get on the ninja rings or have fun with the swinging seat on rainy day or on the road.

Our Methods


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